GIMP# 0.16 released

January 26, 2010 at 10:34 pm | Posted in C#, GIMP, Programming | 12 Comments

Before I summarize the changes in GIMP# 0.16 I need to apologize to Alexandre Prokoudine. He is a great guy that updates the SourceForge news for GIMP#, reminds me very friendly on a regular basis that I really should release a new version, handles all kinds of feedback from users that somehow end up in his e-mail instead of mine, provides the Russian translation, etc. And now I forgot to include his latest translation in 0.16 😦

The new stuff in this GIMP# release:

  • Finally support for GIMP 2.6
  • Added Oxygene sample
  • Export layers to JavaFX
  • Support for GIMP 2.6 API and Mono 2.4
  • Improved test coverage (300+ unit tests)
  • Major code clean-up

Enjoy. Oh, and if you want to follow the latest GIMP# developments, follow me on twitter: @mauritsrijk


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  1. Oh, come on. Just release 0.16.1 🙂

    And why not move repo to gnome git? That way we have no more of this silly can’t-get-cvs-working-for-commit business 🙂

    P.S. Website is updated.

  2. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by X4s_feeds, Fredrik Eriksson. Fredrik Eriksson said: GIMP# mono wrapper for the GIMP API […]

  3. Are there any places to bring the win binary versions upto date?

    • There are no win binaries yet afaik.

      • +1 on the win binaries…

      • At the moment Ivo Rytir is trying to create win binaries. The problem is that somehow all plug-ins crash, but we are busy figuring out what happens. As soon as we have found the cause, a win installer will be released.

  4. Hey, been trying to make a PKGBUILD for Arch Linux for gimp-sharp, and am running into some issues.

    First of all, I have to
    mkdir -p $(DESTDIR)/lib/gimp/2.0/plug-ins
    before installing; I’m guessing the Makefile in the plug-ins dir should have a line saying something like that[1].

    Also, the locale installation doesn’t respect DESTDIR.

    By changing each and in the plug-ins subdirs to saying

    echo “Copying po/$$lang to $(DESTDIR)$(GIMPLOCALE)/$$localedir/LC_MESSAGES/”;\
    mkdir -p $(DESTDIR)$(GIMPLOCALE)/$$localedir/LC_MESSAGES ;\
    $(INSTALL_DATA) po/$$lang $(DESTDIR)$(GIMPLOCALE)/$$localedir/LC_MESSAGES/;\

    instead of

    echo “Copying po/$$lang to $(GIMPLOCALE)/$$localedir/LC_MESSAGES/”;\
    $(INSTALL_DATA) po/$$lang $(GIMPLOCALE)/$$localedir/LC_MESSAGES/;\

    I _think_ I got it all installed in my DESTDIR without having root access (note, also here I had to add mkdir).

    So, I got a seemingly successful Arch Linux PKGBUILD by making these changes, but this should probably added to the next release?

    Also (sorry if I’m being a nuisance), why are there both files and files everywhere?

    The -p option to mkdir shouldn’t appear in Makefiles though according to the manual; I guess you can just do it in several steps or something? I’m no Makefile expert.

    • Putting this under “install” in lib/ and rerunning automake seems to do the trick for this particular dir:

      $(mkinstalldirs) $(DESTDIR)/usr/lib/gimp/2.0/plug-ins

      (I believe mkinstalldirs is also the correct way to do a “mkdir -p” from a

      • Thanks for the info. Will add these changes to the next release.

  5. im sure this is a dumb question but
    i cant seem to install .16 ?
    where would i put the files after i unzip them?

    • Hi Ryan, what OS are you using? There are no binary packages for Windows yet for version 0.16.

  6. Dear Maurits,

    Any plans for a windows installer for GIMP# 0.16? If so, when do you think it would be posted?

    I’ve tried the 0.15 installer on my Win 7, 64-bit machine, but, it doesn’t seem to be compatible. Slicetool immediately crashes when launched from GIMP 2.6. (Yes, I used the rename GIMP binary back to 2.4 hack to get it installed… )

    Thanks in advance!!

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