Quantifiable New Year’s resolution

January 2, 2010 at 12:47 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 2 Comments

This blog entry is about my New Year’s resolution. It’s personal, quantifiable and kind of random. But I just happen to like numbers and targets. So here it is in no particular order:

  1. 400 LinkedIn contacts. I’m at 370 right now, so that shouldn’t be too difficult
  2. I want to read 50 books. About one book per week. You can see my books on LibraryThing.
  3. Three publications on subjects like Agile project management, software metrics, etc. This could be a tough one. The only publication I did last year was with Jeff Sutherland on Fully Distributed Scrum. You can still find it here.
  4. I want to run 80 times my usual track of 10 km. Also a tough one. It’s easy to run this distance but I will need to find/invest some time here.
  5. Make 2 GIMP# releases
  6. Learn 2 new programming languages. At the moment Clojure and Objective-C are on my list, but that might still change. Suggestions are welcome!
  7. 150 followers on Twitter. You can find me as @mauritsrijk. At the moment 65 people seem to be more or less interested on what I’m doing all day long.
  8. And finally I want to push the number of average readers on my blog from about 50 currently to 100 a day. Updating my blog now and then certainly seems to help 🙂

Happy 2010 everyone!


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  1. Now, what happened to releasing 0.16? 🙂

  2. I know, I know: it’s right around the corner. And there will be a 0.17 and 0.18 in 2010, I promise!

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