GIMP# 0.15 released

May 12, 2008 at 9:05 am | Posted in C#, GIMP | 36 Comments

Finally a new GIMP# release. Major highlights for this release:

  • Many improvements to get the Photoshop actions plug-in usable: 10 copyright-free actions are now verified and can be downloaded from SourceForge
  • An abandoned plug-in to load GEM image files was ported
  • The Russian translation was updated (thanks Alexandre!)

The next GIMP# version will be released as soon as I’ve got 20 correctly working Photoshop action files.


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  1. You mean, 20 more correctly working Photoshop action files? 🙂

  2. Hello,

    I am playing with your set of actions and I got a lot of problems.

    1. TVLines1.atn can not be loaded -> crash the plug-in

    2. Angel Photos the both crash

    3. Centre guides works

    4. Phootshoot do something not clear for me, a new bright layer ? Crash if you apply the script twice

    5. Coolsketch works the first time. Can crash if you apply it twice

    6. Rain create a transparent layer ??

    7. Walrus fantasy, one third and full soft focus crash, two third works

    8. Flash, ask me to draw something and clic an the play button but there is only a stop button 😦

    9. Soft color sketch : crash

    Not the end : if I apply an action (without crash) and then I collapse the menu of actions the the plug-in crash.

    May be it’s because I am using Mono-1.9 ?

  3. @Alexandre: nope, it’ _not_ 20 more action files, but a total of 20 in the next release. GIMP# 0.16 will then have 30 working files, GIMP# 0.17 40, etc. etc.

    @Zigomar: I am using Mono 1.2.6 myself, but I’m not sure that would explain the difference. One of the problems is that you need an open image before you start the plug-in and not the other way around! Also apply a script twice is a know bug.

  4. Hi. Having a bit of trouble installing the .atn files that you provided to download. I put them in the scripts folder, but aren’t showing up in the photoshop action box. Did I do it wrong? Please let me know where they should go. Thanks so much for making GIMP more user-friendly.

  5. Hi Tamara, where exactly did you put the scripts? Are you using Linux or Windows?

  6. Tried to configure, make the Gimp# package but had some problems in make process.
    called make manually for Skype plug-in and that worked but did not know how to install the plug-in in GIMP 2.4.5. Copied it under the gimp plug-in folder (/usr/lib/gimp/2.0/plug-ins) but cannot see any Sky plug-in if I restart GIMP and look in Xtns -> Plug-in browser.

    What should I do ?

  7. @Ghita: what problems did you have? Did they happen during the ./configure? Please send me (maurits.rijk at the error messages.

    Just installing the plug-in is not enough. You also need to install the .dll (it’s in the lib subdirectory) in the GIMP plug-in folder.

  8. @Maurits

    ./configure produced at the end all the makefiles for the project; had problems when rune make after the ./configure phase. I resend you the mail with errors again (already did that a day ago)

    About the gimp-sharp.dll which is in the lib subdir: at the details it is described as a windows application. How is this ?

    Copied it also in GIMP plug-ins dir along with Sky.exe and Sky script but still no use.

    Hope to receive some feedback after you see the mail also !

  9. @Ghita: I replied by e-mail. If you have more questions, don’t hesitate to ask.

  10. @Maurits: tnx for pointing the problem with gettext tools. That was the problem: I had a package named gettext-base installed but not another one named gettext.

    All compiles now, the plug-ins get built, but I think I don’t follow the right procedure to see the plug-in in GIMP. Just copying those files (1 plugin file + gimp-sharp.dll) is all what is required to see it imported by GIMP ?

  11. @Ghita: just do a ‘make install’ as superuser.

  12. Great ! That was the last step .. forgot it was handled by make also. I did not probably copied all the required gimp-sharp files manually before

  13. hello i have seen this really cool vector action file and i dont know wat folder to put it in and i put it in plug ins but it doesnt show up :s


  14. @grey: you have to put it into your GIMP scripts folder, which depends on your OS. It is something like ~/.gimp-2.4/scripts if you are on Linux. For Windows it’s probably somewhere in “Documents and Settings”. Doing a search for ‘scripts’ might help you there.

    After that you restart GIMP and the vector action will hopefully appear when you start the Action Files plug-in. Can you send me that vector action file so I might try to get it to work?

  15. HEllo,
    trying to use the slice tool 0.3 (Gimp 2.4.6, windows XP Pro, Gimp#), I cannot succeed in managing the slices.
    The “select rectangles” creates new slices each time. The “remove slices” also does the same. Rather impossible to understand if the slice will be cut horizontally or vertically…
    Do I miss something ?
    Thanks if you can help.

  16. Hi Maurits,

    I’m trying to install this and when I run configure it says that mono >=1.2.6 is not met, yet mono is installed in /usr/bin and when I check the version it says 1.2.6 .

    Any suggestions? I’m not sure how to do the MONO_CFLAGS and MONO_LIBS environment variables, or if that would even work?



  17. @JF: I don’t have a Windows machine on which I can test this at the moment 😦

    @Troy: MONO_CFLAGS and MONO_LIBS shouldn’t be needed here. How did you install Mono? Probably configure uses pkg-config to find out the version number. Try pkg-config to see what version it reports. Another thing could be that you have mono installed, but not the compiler. Is gmcs in your path?

  18. Hi, maurits.

    I haven’t been successful in installing gimp-sharp and I was hoping you might be able to help me.

    I’m running Gimp-2.6 on Ubuntu 8.10, is this supported?

    I did ./configure –with-incomplete, and it went through, make was fine as well, but this is the output I get from sudo make install:

    Making install in lib
    make[1]: Entering directory `/home/dzeni/Desktop/gimp-sharp-0.15/lib’
    /usr/bin/install -c -m 644 gimp-sharp.dll
    /usr/bin/install: missing destination file operand after `gimp-sharp.dll’
    Try `/usr/bin/install –help’ for more information.
    make[1]: *** [install] Error 1
    make[1]: Leaving directory `/home/dzeni/Desktop/gimp-sharp-0.15/lib’
    make: *** [install-recursive] Error 1

    I’ve been breaking my neck trying to do this, and any help would be really appreciated. Thanks.

  19. Hi. Nice plug-in, really. I’m glad you brought it to gimp. But what about a Windows installer for gimp 2.6 ?

  20. @Fraxav: I haven’t tried GIMP# with GIMP 2.6 yet, neither on Linux nor Windows. You could try the installer for 2.4, but I have no idea if that will work.

  21. I did download version 0.15 and had no idea how to install it, cause I guess it was not for Windows. So, downloaded the Windows installer for 2.4 but during the setup a message told me that my version was 2.6 and it needed 2.4 so the installation didn’t begin at all.

  22. Hi !

    Trying to install gimp-sharp 0.15 on Ubuntu 9.04 (AMD64) with the latest gimp 2.6.6

    Doesn’t work.. I am lost here, does it work with gimp 2.6.6 or is it my ubuntu that is making the problem ???

    Thanks 🙂

  23. how to install gimp sharp 0.15 on win XP?

  24. Thank you for your work on this project.

    I am using gimp#13 with gimp 2.4.3{GimPhoto}in Windows XP and would like to know how to add customized templates to the Picture Package.

    Thank you

  25. Hello, I have just installed ver .15 for windows and I noticed that the colorize plugin was not listed. Is the windows compile not like the other versions?

  26. Hi i just installed the newest version of gimp-sharp and basicly i had to download 2.4 to get it to work on windows xp.2.6 seems not to be compatible with the setup.It kept telling me to install it in 2.4.

    is there a way to get it to work with 2.6.10?


  27. Never mind i figured it out =)

    • does anybody know how to make gimpsharp 0.15 with gimp 2.6.11???

      • I’m afraid GIMP# 0.15 doesn’t work with GIMP 2.6.x. You will have to use version 0.16. There are no binary packages for Windows yet for this version.

      • but, maurits, this gimp-sharp, is it really working like photoshops’ actions tool, meaning that it will automatically do some of the recorded actions that you did on a picture, to other pictures?
        like this

  28. or this

    • Hi Alex: the Photoshop Actions plug-in is just one of the many plug-ins that come with gimp-sharp. However, replaying Photoshop actions is pretty difficult: this plug-in is able to read (almost) all Photoshop actions, but plays only a few. The reason is that not all Photoshop functionality is supported by GIMP. And for the functionality that is supported, I have to make a mapping from Photoshop parameters to GIMP parameters for similar filters. To get this pixel-perfect is almost impossible.

      What I try to do is to collect as many as free action script that work for GIMP. As GIMP functionality grows (for example GIMP 2.8 will have layer groups) more action files will be supported.

      • i mean , for example :
        i create a watermark , and i want it to put that on the picture that i have . But i also have another 200 pictures on witch to apply that watermark to all the pictures. But don’t need to do it manually.
        Is it possible to do that with one gimp plugin?

  29. But what about a Windows installer for gimp 2.6 ?

    • @Zbyma72age: the good news is that the developer that created the original Win installers is back on the project. I don’t know how much time it will take him to create an installer.

  30. Ive found some interested actions for photoshop website
    maybe it will useful for you guys

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