GIMP# 0.14 released

January 4, 2008 at 2:00 pm | Posted in GIMP, Programming | 34 Comments

A new release of GIMP# is available. New in release 0.14 are:

  • Nemerle sample added
  • Boo sample added
  • Visual Basic sample added (I know.. don’t ask 😉 )
  • F# sample added
  • Ported abandoned Sky plug-in (part of PhyModMedia plug-ins)
  • GIMP# now uses C# 3.0 features for cleaner code

Have fun.


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  1. I downloaded gimp# and have tried to get plugins working, i see there’s still no documentation for it though and was wondering if there is documentation coming. What versions of Gimp have been tested? Nicely done btw.

  2. Hi John, there is no documentation yet. GIMP# was tested with GIMP 2.2 and GIMP 2.4. Did you manage to get the plug-ins working?

  3. not yet, i would normally be using linux but for work i have to use windows and the plug-in i was trying to create for work. i got the newest source and compiled it in vs2008 then put the dll into the correct directory. it throws an exception because false is returned from the add layer function when i think it should be fine.. im probably doing something wrong.

    all i want the plug-in to do is save each layer out to a file with it’s layer name as the filename. I’m an developer and have to cut images all the time, this plug-in would make it a lot easier, just float a selection and name it.

    im not going to give up on this yet 🙂

  4. John, if you want you can send me your code so I can have a look at it and see if I can get it to work on my Linux machine and fix GIMP# if needed.

  5. i got it working! i was doing something wrong.

    protected override void Render(Gimp.Image image)

    foreach (Layer layer in image.Layers)
    int w = layer.Width;
    int h = layer.Height;
    string name = layer.Name;
    Gimp.Image img = new Gimp.Image(w, h, ImageBaseType.Rgb);
    Layer lyr = new Layer(layer, img);
    img.AddLayer((Layer)(lyr), -1);
    img.Save(RunMode.Noninteractive, "C:\\" + name, name);

    basically i was using the wrong constructor for creating the layer. now i just have to have a dialog for the image save settings.

  6. Cool! Code could be simplified slightly by using:

    Image img = new Image(layer.Dimensions, ImageBaseType.Rgb);

    That way you don’t have to use the w and h variables.

  7. Oh, and you might want to do an img.Delete() after saving, otherwise you end up with lots of open images (without a display) in GIMP.

  8. that’s good to know – there might be no docs but tech support is great 🙂 this morning I’m starting a new website and have to have it done by the end of the day, this plug-in will help a lot.

    the vs2008 project for this is available on my website:

    it’s hard to find time but I’ll see what else I can do to make my job easier with gimp#.

  9. I generated some docs for gimp-sharp.dll using sandcastle and have it on my website at . It’s not very in-depth but it shows more than is available now. Let me know what you think.

  10. Nice! Thanks for creating the docs. I haven’t documented the GIMP# API yet because it’s mostly a one on one translation from the GIMP developer documentation. I’m looking for a way to convert these docs automatically to a GIMP# specific documentation.

  11. Hi! I try to install Gimp#-0.14. There is a dependency to Mono-1.2.6. It’s very recent and not included in many Linux distributions. Is this absolutly necessary or can I safely change the configure script to downgrad to Mono-1.2.5 ?

  12. @Zigomar: I’m afraid you really need Mono 1.2.6. The reason for this is that GIMP# 0.14 uses quite some C# 3.0 features. Downgrading to Mono 1.2.5 is not going to work.

  13. Gimp# does work with Gimp Pack Mode 2.4.2 nor with portable Gimp 2.4.2.

  14. I wanted to say that Gimp# does NOT work with Gimp Pack Mode

  15. @Hagvila: I can only speculate, but I guess this is because portable GIMP and Gimp Pack Mode don’t use the default locations to install and the GIMP# Windows installer doesn’t recognize this. As a workaround you could try to copy the .exe and .dll’s that GIMP# has installed to the plug-ins directory for portable Gimp or Gimp Pack Mode.

    I will ask the guy that has created the installer if this can be fixed.

  16. Respond to Maurits: I have try that but it does not work. Gimp Pack Mode make an error each time it have to read a file installed by gimp# and copied in its plug-ins folder.

  17. @Hagvila: can you provide a bit more information: what is the exact error message you are getting?

  18. When I launch Gimp Pake Mode, during the launching Gimp pack mode a Microsfoft panel of error appear saying “error occurs” and there is a rectangle “send the error”. I click on “don’t send ” Launching continue and the same thing appends with the next file installed with gimp#. When the launch is finish no file from gimp# is present in the menu! The same append with any nomade-Gimp : gimp# install its files but they are rejected when launching nomade-Gimp.

  19. Concerning Gimp-nomade you should follow the french instructions there :

    And I think it should also works for GimpPackMode who is the standard Gimp with a french installer and some additionnal plug-ins.

  20. I have try your method with 7zip but the same kinds of errors occurs!

  21. May be the problem is not in gimp itself: if I double-clic on a .EXE file extacted from gimp# (even Gimp is not launch nor running) I get the Microsoft pannel error with “send” or “not send” saying that the .EXE program has made an error and must close!

  22. I don’t think there is problems with my windows xp sp2: all the .exe files are going right except those extracted from gimp# (version 013 or 014). Only some bad .8bf files may crash also.

  23. @Maurits
    If I convert the .exe files extracted from gimp# in compatibility Win98 there is no more crasch. But I do not see the new plug-ins anywhere in the gimp menu. Where have they to appear?

  24. @Hagvilla: you can’t execute these .exe files directly. The can only be run within a running GIMP context.

    Are you sure you have the .NET framework installed?

  25. @Maurits
    Yes I have Microsoft .NET framework 2.0 installed and 3.22 is working well.

  26. @Hagvilla: could you try to execute one of the GIMIP# .exe’s directly from the commandline? That will make sure that you have the right version of .NET installed. The plug-in should respond with a message that it can’t be executed outside the GIMP environment.

  27. @maurits: When I do that the same Microsoft pannel appears saying there is a problem with the .exe program and it must close and asking if I want to send the error.

  28. Hey. I downloaded a 0.14 exe and I need help because everytime I try the slice tool, it wouldn’t give the the image as is but rather a black and white line image… Any idea?

  29. Hello,
    I am seeking a programmer that will take Gimp, and make a custom compile for me. I don’t want to violate the GNU. I plan to give the program to students I train in image manipulation for free. I don’t need anything special. I want Gimp to have an industry specific name, and logo, and I want the Hue/Saturation window to open at startup. The name “GIMP” can be included in the new name. It makes no difference to me. If you know someone that can do what I ask please have them contact me. Also, Please let me know approximately what the cost for the custom build would be.

    Wayne Mooney

  30. @Wayne: what you want is pretty straightforward but I really don’t understand why you would want such a thing. Why not let your students just use GIMP as it is?

    The Hue/Saturation part is easy: GIMP remembers which windows were open when you closed it. So next time you start GIMP, they will come up again.

  31. Hi! I was surfing and found your blog post… nice! I love your blog. 🙂 Cheers! Sandra. R.

    • To get GIMP# working on Windows XP you need 3.5
      You need mono
      You need to change the console and exe files in the bin folder to 2.4
      Install GIMP#
      RENAME the exe and console files back to 2.6
      (this also works well with 2.7.1)

      My only problem now is i can run only up to 5 ATN files at once.If i place anymore than 5 in the scripts folder Photoshop Actions plugin crashes.

      Other than that ALL the other plugins work nicely on XP. =)

      Thanks its a wonderful addition to Gimp.
      Is there anywhere to get help on using the slice tool?

      • I’m a bit surprised by the 5 atn files limit. Probably it crashes because the plug-in just can’t handle the contents of the 6th file.

        What kind of help do you need for the slice tool? It works almost the same as the one that comes with PaintShopPro, so you could use on of the many on-line manuals for PSP.

  32. My questions:
    How do i create vertical guide line?

    Can i only create one slice at a time?

    What is the table button for?I created a table with it but now what do i do?

    Why does the table button stay pushed in after i use it?
    (this seems to render all other tools non-usable)

    I hope i don’t sound too stupid.I use the Gimp Slice that comes with it by just throwing guides around my slices picking a save to folder, selecting a extension (GIF,PNG,JPG), and clicking ok.

    I like the other options in Slice-Tool for saving rollovers and creating links on the fly, but i just cant seem to understand how to use all the tools in it. =\

    Perhaps you could create a user PDF or something for all the tools in GIMP#? If you want just email me here with the info and ill create a user guide for you all. =)


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