GIMP# 0.13 released

November 20, 2007 at 9:40 am | Posted in C#, GIMP, Programming | 17 Comments

I just released GIMP# 0.13. Highlights for this release:

  • Improved support for Photoshop action files
  • Many bugfixes and smaller enhancements
  • More GIMP 2.4 API coverage and corresponding unit tests

For the next release I bumped the Mono dependency to 1.2.6 so I can now use cool new C# 3.0 features 🙂 Plans for GIMP# 0.14 include adding support for another .NET language (VB, IronRuby, F#, Boo, etc.), and improving Photoshop actions support to about 55 %.


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  1. Can I guess the language was chosen to provide interoperability within differen OS? And whar about win32 version?

  2. C# was mainly chosen because I had to learn that language in 2004 😉 But apart from that practical issue, C# does have its advantages. The performance is quite nice and still improving. I also like the syntactical sugar, compared for example to Java.

    There is a win32 version, but it’s outdated and contains quite a few bugs. I can’t make any promises for a more recent version.

  3. Hi,
    I’ve just download #gimp-win and installing it.
    I’m interested in colorize Plugin, but i didn’t found it. the colorize plugin is found in #Gimp-sharp but not in compiled version for windows.

    Is correct or no ?

    Many thanks for all.

  4. @Rabii: I’m afraid the colorize plug-in was introduced in GIMP# 0.12. The most recent win32 version is 0.10 because at the moment no one is actively supporting it.

  5. Thanks for your answer.
    What do you mean with “supporting it”?

  6. By “supporting it” I mean that I don’t have a developer that can build a win32 installer for me anymore. I don’t have that knowledge (nor access to a Windows machine) myself.

  7. Hi,
    I am trying to compile the GIMP# 0.13 on Windows and having problems. The compile process itself finishes successfully, I get the gimp-sharp.dll and .exe plugins compiled w/o any error but when I try to use them in the GIMP 2.4.2, none of the GIMP# plugins are listed there. Further to this note, when I compile the GIMP# 0.10 on Windows, it produces slightly bigger binaries than originally shipped with the GIMP# Windows installer 0.10. What is different, these plugins get listed in the GIMP 2.4.2, but when I try to use them, they crash. This looks to me like a compilation issue, but have no idea what can be wrong, specially when there is no build error. Any ideas how to make it working?


  8. @ivo: great that you already get this stuff compiled on win32! Make sure you first remove the old GIMP# .exe and .dll’s from your plug-in directory. It might be helpful to start GIMP from a commandline to see if you get any error messages during start-up. If the plug-ins don’t show up they are not properly initialized. This could mean that some dll’s can’t be found.

    A different size of the binaries might be caused by different compiler versions. Remember that GIMP# 0.10 is pretty old and probably compiled with an older compiler than you are using.

  9. Using the GIMP console I was able to find out that the “make install” script was setting incorrect permissions on the plugin executables. I have fixed that, but unfortunatelly the GIMP# 0.13 plugins are still not showed in the GIMP.

    When I turned –verbose on the GIMP commandline, I could see that for GIMP# 0.10 the GIMP did “Querying plug-in …” and also “Initializing plug-in …” and the plugin was showed (even though executing failed). For the GIMP# 0.13 there was only outputed “Querying plug-in …”, no initializing. How does it determine if the plugin is good enough to be initialized or not? Is there is a plugin version which gets checked?

    Also I found a HOWTO document for Win32 GIMP# on the SourceForge site, but it is corrupted:
    Do you have the full text anywhere, it may contain useful information.

  10. Hi Ivo. I’m afraid I don’t have the full text of this document. Maybe the author still has it. I will ask.

    Do you get any exceptions in the console? Maybe the Mono libraries are not in your path. Iirc you also need the right gtk-sharp.dll, glib-sharp.dll, etc. in your GIMP plug-ins directory. If you have used the 0.10 installer you will probably have old versions.

    If the plug-ins are correctly queried they should at least show up in the plug-in browser in the GIMP menu.

  11. Hi Maurits,

    I have resolved the problem finally! I had to replace all the Mono libraries in the GIMP plugins directory with the ones I used for compiling the GIMP#. Now the Photoshop Actions plugin 0.4 works. Woohoo 🙂

    I am going to focus on debugging/fixing it as my resize macros from the Photoshop CS2 do not work as expected.


  12. Hi Ivo. Nice that it works! Maybe you could zip all the needed .dll’s and .exe’s into one single zipfile so that other users can also benefit from this.

    I hope all the functionality for your resize macros is already supported in the Photoshop Actions plug-in. And of course there might be still many bugs in this plug-in. If needed, I could set you up with a CVS account so you can submit your fixes.

  13. hello, i successfully compiled gimp# 0.14. after installing, the plug-ins were not loaded by the gimp. i tried to launch them manually and found that gimp# expect to find gtk-sharp.dll and glib-sharp.dll in the plug-ins directory. i searched them (find) and symlinked. after this i got one more error, System.DllNotFoundException: i run ldconfig and now it looks like everything works.
    i posted it just as a reference.
    thank you for the great work.

  14. hello, an update.
    the gimp displayed errors on the console while loading the plug-ins. gdk-sharp.dll was missing, i had to symlink it as well.

  15. Hi Stefano, thanks for figuring this out. However I think that gtk-sharp/glib-sharp/gdk-sharp.dll should be visible to the plug-ins by some other mechanism. I don’t know the exact details but more information can be found here:

    What distro are you using?

  16. hi, i gave a quick read to the doc whose you provided the link. it is coherent with the error msg i got in my tries: they referenced path and gac.
    i have no MONO_PATH variable set in my environment, i don’t know how the gac is set up. i run a mandriva 2007.0 distro. i uninstalled mono’s native packages after successfully compiling mono 1.9 from sources and before launching make install. maybe the best way to set up my environment would be to set the MONO_PATH variable, but i wouldn’t know where to point it exactly.

  17. i want to use gimp sharp in a windows project. i need to apply color-auto-whitebalance using gimp sharp dll. but don’t know how to use it.
    can anybosy help me out

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