Fitnesse, Mono and GIMP#

October 18, 2007 at 9:05 am | Posted in C#, GIMP, Programming | 3 Comments

Yesterday I installed Fitnesse, an acceptance testing framework. The idea is to learn about this tool and use it to test GIMP#. GIMP# is already covered by 200+ unit tests, using NUnit, but having a few more tests on a somewhat higher level is certainly not going to hurt.

To install Fitnesse I followed the steps described in a tutorial by Cory Foy.

The steps it took me to get Fitnesse working:

    • downloaded the zip file and unzipped it
    • had to chmod +x the file
    • start the FIT server (./
    • replaced the backslash by a forward slash in “!define TEST_RUNNER {dotnet\FitServer.exe}
    • renamed FitServer.exe to FitServerOrig.exe and created a small wrapper script called FitServer.exe that basically does a “mono FitServerOrig.exe”. This can be avoided if you use binfmt_misc

      Next step is to write some fixtures for GIMP# code and actually test it.


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      1. Hi Maurits,

        Glad the tutorial was helpful. If you have any questions feel free to hop on the Fitnesse Yahoo group ( or feel free to ping me. Good luck!


      2. Hi,

        i writed some fixtures for java, the fit server is running on unix, now i would like to write the same fixtures for .NET using the fitserver on the unix platform.
        its possibel to that with mono, how can i do it

        many thanks


        • @Musi: Fitnesse.NET works pretty well with Mono. Writing fixtures is pretty much the same in C# as with Java. Details can be found on the Fitnesse site, especially in the documentation on Fitnesse.NET.

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