GIMP# on OS-X… almost

July 15, 2007 at 9:10 pm | Posted in C#, GIMP | 6 Comments

I made some progress putting GIMP# on OS-X. There were numerous hurdles, like compiling Gtk#, installing and running GIMP, setting the right paths, forgetting to install the development packages of several libs, handling with different extensions for dynamic libraries, etc. etc. Most of this was of course caused by my unfamiliarity with the Mac as a development platform. However I’m proud to present you the following screenshot:


I know, this is not a fully functional GIMP# plug-in running, but if you look closely you can see that the ncp plug-in which is written in C#, registers itself. It still crashes as soon as I try to run it, but hopefully I will be able to fix that after a bit of debugging.

Once I get it running, I will start experimenting with an installer for the Mac. Any suggestions on a good one are welcome.

Update (July 16): the AverageBlur plug-in works fine. This is about the only plug-in that doesn’t use any Gtk# stuff. All other plug-ins still crash as soon as I try to run them.


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  1. Nice! By any chance, do you have scripts or anything which simplify the task of getting gtk# up and running on mac os? I’d be pretty slick if you had a 5 step (or less) process for getting an up-to-date GTK# + all dependencies available on macos x.

  2. Cooool, will you even help to port gtk to Mac OS X natively (so that you can run Gtk+ applications without X11 on Mac OS X)?

  3. Well done – I’ll be happy to try the installer out on my MacBook Pro – I already have mono running.



  4. @Alan: I don’t have a script. I just followed some steps from the Mono site, but haven’t been too succesful yet. Yes, I can compile GTK#, but somehow at runtime it crashes. Probably something with multiple libraries but I still have to figure that out.

    @Tobias: I’m not involved with running gtk on OS-X natively, but iirc there is already some project underway.

    @Stu: I have just put you on my list of people to test the installer before I officially release it 🙂 Do you also have GTK# running succesfully? I managed to compile mine from sources, but even a simple GTK# application crashes right away.

  5. Thanks for visiting my blog….

  6. I have not tried GTK# – I was initially experimenting the Cocoa#, which I do have running. To get Cocoa@ working, you must compile from svn source, as the build in Mono v1.2.4 is missing some pieces.

    I will try GTK#.

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