Plans for GIMP# 0.13

May 7, 2007 at 10:48 am | Posted in C#, GIMP, Programming | 5 Comments

Now that we have released GIMP# 0.12 it’s time to start thinking about the features for 0.13. The current release didn’t contain many new features, apart from IronPython support. For 0.13 my plans are:

  • continue working on Photoshop actions support. This has been on hold for some time, mainly because I didn’t have access to a Windows machine with Photoshop installed. My goal is to get 50 % of my action files (about 200) working in the next release.
  • I already did some experiments with Visual Basic. It’s pretty straightforward to make it possible to write GIMP# plug-ins in VB.
  • Move to our new house. Oh wait, this isn’t GIMP# functionality. However, it will have some impact on my already scarce time I can spend on development. So don’t expect a release within the coming 2 or 3 months.

I’m also looking forward to introducing C# 3.0 features (like lambda functions) in GIMP# but I guess right now it’s a bit too early to do so.


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  1. May I suggest new feature ?
    Slice plugin could have zoom tool

  2. Thanks for the suggestion. I’ll consider that for one of the next releases.

  3. I have one more question

    When new version of gimp-sharp (for windows) will be available ?

  4. Hi

    I am trying to use your gizmo to run some PhotoShop actions.

    I got GIMP installed and I am fairly famaliar with its use for manipulating images, but I don’t know beans about scripting (other than what it is).

    I did get your files put in to the plug-ins directory and I can see the screen under the Xtns menu. How do I point the thing at my already existing PS actions so I can see if it will recognize them?


  5. Hi Paul, I replied to you by e-mail. In short: Photoshop action files (*.atn) should be installed in ~/gimp-2.2/scripts

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