GIMP# 0.11 released

January 6, 2007 at 6:33 pm | Posted in C#, GIMP | 7 Comments

We just released GIMP# 0.11. New highlights from this release are:

  • Java (via IKVM.NET) support
  • Port of the Colorize plug-in
  • Photoshop actions plug-in can now play about 38 % of my test set
  • Coverage of some new GIMP 2.4 functions
  • Major code clean-up

The win32 will follow a bit later.


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  1. I get this error when I try to make install gimp# 0.11:
    Entering directory gimp-sharp-0.11/lib’
    /usr/bin/install -c -m 644 gimp-sharp.dll
    /usr/bin/install: missing destination file operand after `gimp-sharp.dll’
    Try `/usr/bin/install –help’ for more information.

  2. oh, I found the solution from
    I didn’t have libgimp2.0-dev package!

  3. This means that somehow the destination directory can’t be found. Normally you should see something like: /usr/bin/install -c -m 644 gimp-sharp.dll /usr/lib/gimp/2.0/plug-ins

    GIMP# determines this latter directory by using gimptool. I expect that your distribution has this gimptool (or gimptool-2.0) in your gimp-devel package. Installing it will solve your problem. You can also check the output of ./configure for any errors.

    In the meanwhile I will fix our so that you will get a clearer message when gimptool is missing.

  4. You found the solution faster than I could type in the answer 🙂 But still, we have to provide a clearer message if libgimp2.0-dev is missing. Thanks for reporting.

  5. I can’t wait to try the windows package I will be extreamly happy for the colorize plugin. Thanks for all your hard work.


  6. My last computer I had a wonderful but slightly expensive piece of software called VueScan.

    99% of what Vuescan did was have the settings for each scanner and FILM type in its database and this alone was worth the cost. But with the digital camera I stopped using my FILM scanner and didn’t purchase Vuescan from my new PC.

    That being said there is one feature that VUESCAN had that I would still find useful, and it seems that it would be easy to create (if I had a clue how to program).

    What it did was scan the same image 3 times (more if you told it to) and took the average (this is only a guess) of the three scans those removing all those AWFUL scanning errors you get on HIGH res scans.

    I was hoping someone out there would be able to look into the feasibility to adding a feature like taht to GIMP.

    Thank you, and sorry I can not be more of an assistance to the GIMP/OPEN SOURCE scene.

  7. Hi,
    Can anyone direct me to step-by-step instructions for installing Gimp# on Mac OSX? I’m in desperate need of help – this is all over my level of expertise. Thank you!

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