Photoshop actions with GIMP#, first results

June 17, 2006 at 10:07 pm | Posted in GIMP | 2 Comments

A picture (even an ugly one) often says more than a thousand words. Well, here is the picture:

Ok, maybe this does need a few words of explanation after all.

In the graph above you can see my progress on implementing Photoshop actions for GIMP. The red line indicates how much of the scripts (currently 164) are parsed correctly. As you can see it's around 65 %. I'm not yet at 100 % because of two reasons: the format is undocumented for Photoshop newer than version 6. And the second reason is that I don't support older versions of Photoshop yet.

The green line shows the percentage of events that can be executed. Each action file contains at least one event. An event is for example blurring an image. About 1/3 of all possible events are now implemented.
And finally the yellow line indicates the number of action files that can be executed correctly. As the number of events in an action file increases, the chance that we hit an unimplemented event also increases and the action file is marked as not executable.

The next few weeks I will try to get the number of executable actions files close to 20 %. By that time we will release it in GIMP# 0.9. And finally some `proof' that it actually works:


This is the last dialog of the very first action file I got running. It's the Ctrl-T CenterGuides action that places a horizontal and vertical guide exactly at the center of an image.


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  1. Well done getting so far! I look forward to the new release when I’ll definitely try it out!

  2. Wow….this is some really good work mate. This is an oft talked about but never actually attempted functionality for Gimp.

    I wish you well in getting this done!

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