Photoshop actions with GIMP# part 2

June 7, 2006 at 11:20 am | Posted in GIMP | 22 Comments

I started writing a GIMP# plug-in that can read and play Photoshop action files. The fileformat is quite easy to reengineer, using the Photoshop 6.0 documentation and a trial version of Photoshop.

Lots of actions map on a GIMP equivalent. I downloaded about 100 action files and created a top 25 of most often used functions. At the top are functions like Brightness/Contrast, Set Selection, Gaussian Blur, etc. etc. The first function without a direct GIMP equivalent is the Chrome filter.

The current status of this new plug-in: it can succesfully parse the top 25. Next step is to implement the execution in GIMP of these actions. This is pretty straightforward. As soon as this is finished we can play a small percentage of all Photoshop actions that are out there, maybe 5 %. Finally I will start implementing actions untill we reach about 10 % when we release GIMP# 0.9. Future versions of GIMP# will of course slowly increase this percentage and hopefully we can get to somewhere between 80 and 90 %. That would make thousands of Photoshop actions available to GIMP.


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  1. That’s a rather cool project and I’ll be watching with some excitement for updates!
    Will this code eventually make it into a GIMP plugin too?

    I must give GIMP# a whirl soon.

  2. […] Maurits is working on a GIMP# plugin that will hopefully allow GIMP to use Photoshop actions. AFAIK, these are basically files with calls to Photoshop functions. They are self-contained programs using a Photoshop programming API to perform operations on images. There are a countless number of Photoshop actions for download, free, shareware and commercial, so having access to these plugins would give GIMP a huge boost in terms of what it can do. […]

  3. All the GIMP# plug-ins are already regular GIMP plug-ins. You won’t notice the difference between a plug-in written in C# or C.

    If you mean however if the Photoshop actions plug-in will ever be part of GIMP, then the answer is “probably not”. Main reason is that GIMP is written in C and the core developers like it that way. And I’m not going to port my C# code to C 😉

    Glad you like the project. And of course contributions are always welcome 🙂

  4. Hey,

    This is pretty cool. I wonder if you would like to be added to the Mono blogrol at

  5. hi Maurits,
    great news ! Trying to follow PS-tutorials or trying
    to read atns, I meet same problem again and again.
    I cant find for example good imitation for “cutout
    filter”, our “posterize” works differently..
    “palette knife” – till now no idea..
    “facet” – oh, that miss I !
    But “chrome filter” I think , it must be possible to
    imitate using “sample colorize” and a good steel
    gradient. I will think it over.
    Many greetings

  6. If you mean however if the Photoshop actions plug-in will ever be part of GIMP, then the answer is “probably not”.

    Why not? They could be distributed as a separate package that depends on Mono.

  7. That is of course very well possible. Mandriva for example already includes GIMP#. What I meant is that GIMP# will not become a part of the core distribution of GIMP, unless I would port some code to C.

  8. that is really good to hear.. it will better for you to share this too to my friends at webdate dotcom.. they are photoshop artists too. i bet they want to hear from a genius like you!

  9. This sounds great, I can’t wait to get my hands on it. Is it included with GIMP#, or is there a seperate download link which I’ve missed?

  10. Yes, this plug-in is included in GIMP#. After installation it’s available in the Xtns menu.

  11. Where do I store the PS actions? What folder?

  12. Linux: $(HOME)/.gimp-2.2/scripts
    Win32: C:\Documents and Settings\user\.gimp-2.2\scripts

    And yes, it’s time we start documenting these kind of things 😉

  13. Are there any photoshop action for puzzles that work with GIMP#. Or are there any GIMP scripts that do puzzles?

  14. Do you have a list of photoshop action that have been teted with GIMP#?

  15. GIMP comes with the jigsaw plug-in (Filters/Render/Pattern). I’ve also seen quite a few photoshop actions that generate puzzles but they are pretty complicated. There’s not much chance that they work with GIMP# (yet).

    I intend to compile a list of photoshop actions that work reasonably well with the GIMP#.

  16. GIMP’s jigsaw plug-in just draws jigsaw shapes over the picture. It doesn’t render the pieces in 3D and into different layers.

  17. OK I use a blank layer and the magic wand for the puzzle layers. But how do I get the edges to look 3D?

  18. I think you better ask these kind of questions on a GIMP forum, for example here:

  19. Thank you, I’ll go there.

  20. Had to learn how to do a bevel

  21. YES! Very excited!!

  22. Hmm. Maybe downloadable gimp plugins with compatible licences could be included in the Actions plugin if they don’t take up too much space? ( says it’s a Chrome filter)

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