GIMP# programming contest

April 26, 2006 at 10:59 am | Posted in GIMP | 1 Comment

Now that we have released GIMP# 0.8 it's time for a little contest to give GIMP# some more exposure. This contest is about writing a new plug-in that has to meet a few conditions:

  • the plug-in shouldn't be trivial. So if you implement a plug-in that swaps the red and the blue values of an image, you won't win. 
  • the plug-in shouldn't be a port of an already existing GIMP plug-in, unless that plug-in is abandoned.
  • there will only be one prize for the winning entry. This will be decided by an independant jury, meaning not us, the GIMP# developers. All other entries will become part of the next GIMP# release, unless the contestant objects.
  • all code should be made available under the GPL.
  • the plug-in should run on Linux, and preferably also on Windows.

 What do we offer:

  • a prize! The winner may choose a dvd/cd/book from Amazon with a maximum price (including shipping costs) of 50 dollar.
  • support! There is no documentation yet. So if you need information just contact us. If you need a part of the GIMP API that isn't implemented yet, we will provide that.
  • fame! Your plug-in will become part of GIMP#. We will even get you CVS access if you want to become a member of the development team. 

It might be wise to contact us if you wish to enter this contest and tell us a bit about the plug-in you plan to write. 

Final and very important note: the contest starts as of today. The deadline will be 30 June 2006. Within one week from the deadline we will announce the winner and we will make sure he/she gets the prize.


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