GIMP# 0.8 within a few days

April 19, 2006 at 12:35 pm | Posted in GIMP | 3 Comments

Most work has been done and we will spend the next days to create a few more unit tests (right now there are about 60), create a Windows installer (Massimo Perga is responsible for this) and finally update the website.

I'm also considering a small contest after release 0.8. This contest will be about writing a new plug-in, using GIMP#. First prize will probably be a book/dvd/cd from Amazon. All other (if any) contestants will earn eternal fame and their contributions will become part of the next GIMP# releases.


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  1. I wonder if you are planning to introduce i18n support via gettext 😉

  2. Hi Alexandre. Yes, i18n is on our todo list, but we still have to figure out what the standard mechanism for this is in the .NET world. Gettext would work, but GIMP# also needs to run on win32 (and in the future MAC OS-X).

  3. Well, in case you use Mono you might like checking out F-Spot or Diva or Banshee.

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