JPEG 2000 support in GIMP#

March 23, 2006 at 2:32 pm | Posted in GIMP | 2 Comments

Yesterday evening I made some nice progress with implementing JPEG 2000 support in GIMP#. Right now I just dump the data to a (huge) ppm file, but at least it seems to work. I will try to finish the plug-in this weekend, so it can be included with the 0.8 release. Saving JPEG 2000 is not supported yet, but is also quite trivial. This is planned for 0.9. To build the plug-in you will need to download the ECW Compression C/C++ SDK Library, available here.

Soon you will be able to load all your .ecw, .jp2, .j2k, .j2c, .jpc, .jpx and .jpf files in GIMP 🙂


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  1. hallo,
    It sounds very promising.
    I’v got a lot of ecw maps, and I want to change them to png or whatever.
    Did you succeed in making this plugin, and if so, where could I find it ?
    best regards,
    willem overmars

  2. The plug-in works, although I haven’t optimized it yet and never implemented saving to jpeg2000. The reason for this is that there was a Google SOC project to include jpeg2000 support in GIMP, although I think the project didn’t succeed.

    If you want to use the plug-in, you will need to install the ECW library first. Next you have to rebuild GIMP#. The configure script will automatically see if ECW is installed. If you need help, don’t hesitate to mail me.

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