GIMP# plans

March 1, 2006 at 10:55 am | Posted in GIMP | 2 Comments

As usual so many plans and so little time. However we are working on a few nice new features: Max is busy implementing an import filter for the Paint.NET format. And I’m thinking of porting the Krita raindrops filter to GIMP#. I’ve have also some ideas about writing a plug-in that checks for updates. And of course there’s the usual pile of bugs, unfinished code, etc. etc.


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  1. Is current GIMP# supposed to work with GIMP 2.3.x? I have it compiled and installed, but each GIMP# plug-in crashes.

  2. Did you compile it using Mono 1.1.13? That version of Mono has a bug ( in it that causes GIMP# to crash. You either have to use Mono 1.1.12 or the current version from svn in which they have fixed this bug.

    We test GIMP# both with GIMP 2.2.x and GIMP 2.3.x (from cvs).

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