Working on GIMP# 0.8

January 30, 2006 at 9:32 am | Posted in GIMP | Leave a comment

We want to release GIMP# 0.8 by the end of february. There will be a few user visible changes and a some changes that will only be appreciated by developers.

To start with the former:

  • There is a new plug-in to generate beautiful swirlies.
  • The Splitter plug-in will work as advertised. This plug-in has been included in the last few releases, but the formula evaluation never worked since it wasn’t implemented. An example of the results of this plug-in can be seen at the end of this post.
  • The wbmp (Wireless bitmaps) plug-in can now also save images.
  • All GIMP# plug-ins can now be called from within your own scripts.

Changes only visible to developers:

  • The API of the base class Plugin has become a lot cleaner. I have done a lot of code refactoring and marshalling details are no longer visible in the derived plug-ins.
  • More coverage of the GIMP API.
  • Finally there will be some documentation 🙂

The example, before the split:

And after splitting it with f(x, y): h/2 – h/8 * cos(x * 8 * pi / w) – y and some rotation and translation:

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