C# generics

January 19, 2006 at 10:04 am | Posted in Programming | 3 Comments

Using generics in combination with anonymous methods is pretty cool. This makes C# almost as fun as my favorite language: Scheme! However, I really don’t understand why the List class has an Exists method where you can define a predicate function, while the Dictionary class is missing such a method.

And our next camera (?):
Ixus 55


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  1. Hi!
    I am looking for some suggestions/resources to create a plugin for Photoshop using C#. What I need is to create a plugin to be a part of the File menu and the plugin will launch a c# application that will export the image the user is currently working on to a database.
    Is this feasible? Can you give your opinion on this?

    Thank you for your time.


  2. i went through your previous post and it was latin to me… seems like ur the god of languages.. can you suggest if i should learn php or ruby on rails.. which do you think is a fast growing language.. am just a novice at languages

  3. If you want to have an overview of language popularity look here:
    If you are just beginning to program, I would pick php. It’s somewhat easier to learn than Ruby on Rails. But then again, Ruby on Rails is more powerful and from what I’ve heard scales very well. So my answer: start with php and once you feel familiar with that continue with Ruby on Rails. It’s always good to know more than one language. Hope this helps.

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